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Valse Dissonant: Golliwogg's Cakewalk [Chapter 2]

Title: Valse Dissonant: Golliwogg's Cakewalk [Chapter 2]
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: KyuMin
Warnings: Violence, rape, abuse
Word count: 1,451
Summary: In 1870 in the calms of Cannes, France are two musical prodigies who tug the red string of fate to be theirs despite what their lives allow them to.
A/N: I strongly recommend you to listen to the piece that goes along with the chapter ^^
[Chapter 1]
Music for this entire story: Claude Debussy | Valse Romantique
Music for this chapter: Claude Debussy | Golliwogg's Cakewalk (here)


“Isn’t this town nice? Unlike some of the other towns, Le Suquet is less modernized, it is relaxing here. It may even be better than Paris!”

Kyuhyun nodded and smiled at his mother’s fawning and enthusiasm for their new home. “While you were away, mother and Aunt Song went to talk to the pâtissière several stores away from our house. Mother’s gotten the title of ‘Artiste Pâtissière: Spécialisé en Décoration de Gateaux’ at the shop.”

“I’m happy for you mother, I think I’m starting to like it a lot here too.” Kyuhyun said while gazing at the smile lines on his mother’s face to remember because more often than not, there would only be dark marks of exhaustion under her eyes. Kyuhyun loved seeing the truly happy eyes of his mother; it would make even the best of days seem infinitesimally better than it already was.

“I’m glad, we will be happy here. Now, wash up and go rest early tonight, dove. We’ll have to wake up early tomorrow morning to see Aunt Song’s surprise for you.”


Mother lovingly smoothed the top of my hair as I clicked my suitcase shut and tucked it away underneath my bed. The sun was almost fully set outside as I leaned over my sturdy wooden desk to push open the windows a bit. From my room, I could see right to where the lighthouse stood. I was so close that I saw the cat from earlier chase after her kitten. She snatched the baby up in her mouth and promptly went back to the lighthouse.

“Sungmin...” I hummed, the boy’s name rolling off my tongue so well.

As I lay in the soft covers, I lazily hung one leg over the edge of the bed with a thousand and one thoughts harboring over my head. What will school be like? Are the kids here going to like me? Is that peach cobbler as good as it smells? Did Jean and Maris already make a new friend?

I noticed the sun had set already as I glanced over to the open window with the sea breeze still lightly blowing in. Looking at the lighthouse, I held up my hand and measured the size of it between my thumb and index finger, just under an inch. I wonder, will I really be able to become a great musician like Sungmin? I didn’t even own anything musical with the exception of the random mismatched pages of sheet music I had found with Maris one day while were walking back from running errands for Madame Lorres. Wriggling my fingers in the dark, I felt each joint move and closed my eyes to imagine a piano. The lights shone down harshly on my back as I felt the heat creep through my suit jacket. The anxiety built up in my stomach making butterflies flit around and sweat emerge on my forehead and palms. I fiddled with my bowtie, pulling it away to cough once before looking at the crowd gathered to hear my first performance.

Looking into the dark sea of awaiting eyes and ears, a figure suddenly appeared in the center of the stage, a very familiar looking physique. I squinted my eyes against the harsh lighting and stared at the back of the boy in front of me hoping he would feel it. I already knew who it was before the boy began to turn around, before I could see the pointed tip of the perfectly sculpted nose.

I smiled at Sungmin as he lifted his violin and bow into position still facing me. Our eyes connected and, despite not knowing in the slightest bit how to play these ivory keys, I felt confident and relieved. Just from looking at him it felt as though there would be nothing in this world too difficult for me to overcome, not even him. “As long as we’re,” I murmured to myself as our synchronized breaths inhaled through our nostrils, “together.”

“Forever, Kyuhyun.”

My fingers fell straight to the keys and began the world renowned melody which even I knew by heart. My wrists rotated easily and smoothly as I flowed through the bars not missing a single F or C sharp, but when Sungmin joined in on his phrase of the melody my heart gave a start and my ears lit up as though they couldn’t bare the perfect harmony we created.

“Canon in D is a melody which flows so smoothly that you can make many changes to it and still never break the harmonious continuity. It will be like us, soon.”

“Soon... just not now.”

My hands slipped from the keys as my heart jumped out of my body and froze. I went to move my hands to wave them in front of me but I couldn’t. I couldn’t see anything.

“Kyuhyun, you believe you can be a great musician?”

I felt the voice against my jaw, halfway between my mouth and ear. The warm breath was so pungent it made my eyes water and my skin raise goose pimples. The tongue flattened against the underside of my jaw and moved slowly back and forth, I could feel each rut of a taste bud.

“Stop please; I know I can become a musician...”

The hand holding my own pair down pushed harder into the mattress as I felt another hand move my nightshirt up so it bunched messily around my upper torso. It ran over my belly and grasped unto my hip, the thumb mercilessly gripping the bone there.

“What makes you so sure? It's not easy to be successful. People all around you want you to fail and fall.”

I struggled again trying to wrestle my legs free from between the legs of the person above me, my knees constantly nudging against something hard. Is it a weapon? Is it a gun? Am I going to die? Tears are slipping past my closed eyes as I fight harder. I’m supposed to be with Sungmin forever, I can’t die yet.

“Sungmin told me so!”

I whimpered as the nubs on my chest were harshly pinched.

“What did Sungmin tell you?”

My underwear had been removed sometime in my course of commotion and fear of dying as fingers were now squeezing at the soft flesh of my bottom. The tip of a finger brushed past my hole and an involuntary shiver ran through me. There must be a way out, a way home.

“Sungmin said that I have hands of a musician!”

I pushed the arms off my chest with my chest only to have them land harder on top of me, knocking my next breath out of my lungs. My voice, which was louder than my actions, completely disappeared. Suddenly, there were hands all over me on parts that I never thought another person would ever see or touch. I was petrified of what was happening.

“Hands of a musician?”

The man scoffed at me as he grabbed my hands again.

“Show me then, Kyuhyun. Musicians can play wonders and create magic with any kind of instrument. Let me see this talent.”

My hands were forced to wrap around a hard and warm rod shaped object. It was slightly sticky and wet. I didn’t know what to do as I just kept my hands there. And then an unbearable pain arose.

“Please, stop! Please!”

I struggled, back arching into a bend I never thought was possible except for Maris’ incredible bridges in the playground. The finger only moved to go deeper; the pain splitting me apart from my seam.

“I’m not very impressed, Kyuhyun. I told you to listen to me. I told you to tell the boys to stop. I told you to stop,” the man slurred against my thigh, “Father knows best, Kyuhyun.”


Kyuhyun woke up in a tangle among his bed sheets, his body sticky from the sweat from the nightmare he endures every night. Getting out of bed, he propped his head against the wood siding of the window and breathed in the crisp and cool air of the summer morning. Gazing at the lighthouse, flashes of the dream performance crossed his mind bringing a small smile to linger on his face.

There was a gentle knock on the door as it opened up and Kyuhyun’s mother came in with a glass of water. “Good morning, love.”

Kyuhyun turned around to smile at his mother taking notice to the usual dark circles defining her eyes unknowing that his mother was looking at the same features on his face as well. “Did you sleep well last night, mother?”

“Yes, dear. It’s lovely here,” she said making the sheets on Kyuhyun’s bed, “Now come downstairs for breakfast so we can meet Aunt Song in time for your surprise.”

A/N: Well, here's another chapter! I'll be going on vacation to China & HK on Tuesday but I'll be back in about 2 weeks! I hope I get the next chapter done in time before I leave though.

Comments are better than Hyukkie being able to see for once in his teaser pics.

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Valse Dissonant: La Ronde des Lutins [Chapter 1]

Title: Valse Dissonant: La Ronde des Lutins [Chapter 1]
Rating: G (future NC-17)
Pairing: KyuMin
Warnings: Future violence, rape, abuse
Word count: 1,429
Summary: In 1870 in the calms of Cannes, France are two musical prodigies who tug the red string of fate to be theirs despite what their lives allow them to.
A/N: spot for heezica because no one else is better than her :D

Music for this entire story: Claude Debussy | Valse Romantique
Music for this chapter: Bazzini | La Ronde des Lutins (Dance of the Goblins) here

“But mother, we had just moved to Paris. It’s so beautiful here.”

“I know dear, but mother has no choice. We must move to Cannes for now to live with Aunt Song.”

“I’ve – ”

“We will still be in France, love. We can come back to Paris at a later time to visit again.”

Turning away from his mother, the young boy of roughly seven years in age gently placed his worn rag bear underneath the inner strap of the suitcase next to several loose pages of sheet music. Sighing a last time, he buckled the outer straps and quietly trailed behind his mother out of the small and comfortable apartment he had grown to call home for almost two years.

And there the door clicked shut to another short memory of Kyuhyun’s life.


Kyuhyun flopped against the plush backing of the seat as the train booth’s door opened to his mother’s smiling face. Holding a small tin, she sat down next to the young boy and placed a hand on his knee.

“Sweet child, I’m sure at Cannes, you will meet new friends to play with just like Jean and Maris. It’s a very small city of less than 10,000 people and Aunt Song is preparing a surprise for you as we speak.” she softly explained to pacify her distraught son. She moved to offer in one hand, the small tin to Kyuhyun whose eyes brightened a bit and the other hand to gently thumb the crinkle between his brows away, “Here is a little gift just for you. Do not worry too much and smile. I’ll be going to check on our time of arrival now, stay inside the booth, dear.”

As his mother left, Kyuhyun palmed the smooth material of the hexagonal shaped tin, relatively short in stature and intricately detailed. Twisting the golden colored cap off, small chocolates of various gemmed shapes lay on purple shining paper. Smiling, he picked up a small ball of white chocolate with a lace pattern etched around the center in dark chocolate.

Placing it in his mouth, he turned to look out the car’s dusty window, admiring the new landscape slowly forming. In the distance, the beginnings of a town appeared with a lively port filled with people and beautiful buildings that were bound to have wonderful carvings atop. “Maybe a life here won’t be all bad,” Kyuhyun mumbled as the last of the honey in the center melted on the back of his tongue.

“Kyuhyun, we’re here!”


Kyuhyun swayed along behind his mother and aunt to the rhythmic clicking of their heels against the cobble stone street. The soft winds blew the smell of the sea into a mixture of everything else the small town offered from sugared peach cobblers to fresh clay pottery warm to the touch from the afternoon sun’s rays.

Looking up to the sky, he closes his eyes against the brightness and stretches his short yet somewhat lanky limbs letting relaxation flow in.

“Mother,” Kyuhyun spoke up suddenly catching the attention of the two women in front of him, “It’s magnificent here.” The boy smiled brightly, bright enough to churn warmth in the hearts of the two loving figures in front of him and any of the on looking store women.

As the trio continued with their tour of the quaint town of approximately 150 inhabitants, a cat gingerly walked across Kyuhyun’s path towards a less inundated section of the port town where grass grew in place of stones. He looked back to his mother and aunt and pointed towards the direction of the cat and they waved him on while sitting at a table outside a small café to talk to the friendly owner. Once they had reached the grass, the cat dashed away ahead as though it intended to jump from the low cliff into the water. As Kyuhyun was about to call out, it made a sharp turn to the left towards an old lighthouse which seemed to be unoccupied.

That was when Kyuhyun heard it.

Beneath the crescendo of splashing water, was a light but quick paced melody. Looking around the green field basked in golden rays, there was no one to be seen but the peculiar melody seemed to continue to weave through the air along with the salty sprays of water which jumped over the rocks onto the grass. The piece had a playful almost teasing character and Kyuhyun was intrigued by the melody when it suddenly paused for three beats.

He scanned the small area once again and cautiously neared the lighthouse as he heard the mysterious fiddler start once more. The delightful sudden plucks to accentuate a phrase made Kyuhyun smile and unconsciously waggle his fingers along to the rhythm. Rounding the side of the lighthouse, he finally caught sight of the back of his musician.

Cocking his head to the side, Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes taking in consideration the height of the source in front of him. “He’s no taller than I am,” the boy thought to himself as he calculated the added height from the way the boy in front of him leaned backed against the lighthouse using his right foot for support. He had remembered a story Jean had told him in the playground one day about short people with many talents. “Maybe this place has magic goblin musicians!”

The music came to an end in a string of pizzicatos and the boy nimbly lowered his bow and placed his violin into his case. “How long have you been here?”

Kyuhyun was almost taken out of his world of music and goblins as he faced the boy in front of him and asked before he could stop himself, “Are you a goblin?”

The two stopped all motion and stared at each other as they tried to process the conversation which had just taken place. Between the sounds of waves, their laughter melded together.

“How about we try this again? Hello, I’m Sungmin and I’m not a goblin.”

Kyuhyun looked at the boy in front of him and realized that he was roughly an inch taller than himself. Standing up straight with his chin up and a bright smile to match the boy’s equally, if not brighter smile; Kyuhyun introduced himself, “Hello, my name is Kyuhyun and I hadn’t meant to say that aloud.”

The two laughed together and Kyuhyun’s ears seemed to notice the way it fit together nicely, perhaps he just had an ear for nice sounds. “Sungmin, how old are you?”

“I’m eight years old but actually, I’ll be turning nine in two days.”

“You’re only two years older than me but you’re already fantastic at playing... that!”

Sungmin smiled brightly but sheepishly, “This?” he pulled the violin case closer to where the two sat in the shade of the lighthouse, “This is a violin. I’ve been practicing for two years now.”

“That’s incredible, I wish I could play an instrument as well.”

“Oh... you don’t?” the black haired boy said more to himself in a saddened voice.

“Did I... do something wrong? You look sad, I’m sorry, Sungmin!” Kyuhyun voiced as he panicked a bit at the thought of losing the first friend he made in Cannes.

“No, Kyuhyun, you didn’t do anything. I just thought– I saw your fingers... and it looked like you had the fingers of a pianist. It’s not your fault.” Sungmin explained and smiled gently to relieve the younger one.

Kyuhyun still did not quite understand why Sungmin would be upset over him not being able to play piano but he smiled and nodded along anyway. “I wonder if I started playing violin now... could I be as good as you are in two years?”

“I don’t know, people keep calling me a prodigy. When I asked my mother what that meant, she just said it meant I was born to be good at playing violin.” the older of the two said thoughtfully and continued when he noticed Kyuhyun’s frown, “but you never know if you don’t try. Looking at your hands, it looks like you have a musician’s hand too!”

“You really think so?!”

Sungmin took Kyuhyun’s hand into his and matched up the bones of their wrists together. “See, you’re a little younger than me so your hands a bit smaller but they still look the same! I know you can do it too.” Kyuhyun’s eyes crinkled up into crescents as he threaded his fingers between Sungmin’s and shook their hands together, “Okay! Let’s grow up and be musicians together then!”
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In Your Arms (1/5)

So this was inspired by Kina Grannis' song, In Your Arms. Just a short little story for each line of the chorus so here's the first part. Enjoy! Please do comment ^^

  "Anything we have known"  

There isn’t much that comes as a surprise to the other now.

On this show and that broadcast, the little tidbits of information the other reveals for girls to squeal over and make posts that would quickly accumulate hundreds of notes for, is never anything new. Sungmin knew that Kyuhyun would want to marry Ryeowook if he was a girl; it was the topic of their wine adventure last night. Kyuhyun knew Sungmin’s skin care habits and routine like no other.

Every night as the radio DJ duo stumbled into the dorm, Kyuhyun would be awake playing Star Craft or quietly listening to his mp3 player in either of the two beds in the room with the lights off to rest his tired eyes. Quietly, his hyung would as noiselessly as possible turn the knob and shuffle into the room.

“Go to sleep, Kyuhyun-ah.” Sungmin would chide, throwing off his beanie towards the chair and tousling his hair.

“Welcome home, hyung,” Kyuhyun would mumble in his drowsy state of mind as he’d get out of bed to walk over to their shared table to grab their special bag which only the two of them knew the exact contents of very well.

“I’m feeling dirty tonight Minnie.” Kyuhyun would whisper grabbing Sungmin’s waist and towing him along to the bathroom clicking the lock shut.

“You’re always dirty, maknae,” Sungmin would remark and then add with a sigh, “and lazy.” The bag would be snatched away from Kyuhyun’s hand and be placed to balance precariously on the small corner of the sink.

“At least get ready yourself, Kyu.” Soft rustling of hair and jostling of zippers would be heard in the small bathroom. “Ready?” Sungmin would ask once he set out each small parcel on the ledge.

Kyuhyun would hum a warm reply right next to Sungmin’s ear from behind.

Sungmin would turn around to find that young, tired, acne scarred face smiling at him eyes closed with a touch of bratty humor. The older of the two would not be able to resist the smile that tugged at his lips as he took the most perfect face in the world, in his mind at the least, into his hands. He’d rub his thumbs soothingly over the apples of the boy’s face.

Up close, he’d admire every feature of their youngest member until he felt that he was being too much of a creep taking count of the number of eyelashes. “Yah, don’t fall asleep on your hyung who’s helping you out!” Sungmin would swipe a sudsy finger near the corner of Kyuhyun’s mouth so he’d taste the slightest tinge of bitterness.

Kyuhyun would stick his tongue out, spitting, trying to get the bitterness off of his taste buds and look back at Sungmin who would be looking back at him with triumphant amusement. “That wasn’t nice, hyung.”

Sungmin’s face would be grabbed by slender calloused hands and he would yelp in defiance as Kyuhyun brought their cheeks together. “Kyuhyun, you’re getting your germy acne suds on me! Stop it! You are such a disgusting, maknae. Ew, Kyu-ah, stop!”

The current Sukira DJ would hold the other’s face still so his breathing could catch up while bringing their sudsy noses together. Their eyes would crinkle up forming half crescents as they’d enjoy the warm, silly, yet calming presence of the other in their arms.

It was the familiarity of the arms, the routine they know too well, even if there ever came a day where something surprising would arise, all that would be need to be done is a quick run back into the knowing arms.


"Anything we've forgotten" ( part two )

Should I continue writing this or.. just drop it? :/
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In Late Autumn, let's hold hands

Holding hands is an action that is rather intimate. Unlike kissing which only lasts for a certain amount of time and is swapping bodily fluid with someone, which one could easily do with a hug as well... holding hands is more special than such.

Sungmin went through another ordinary week of school. Being a high school senior, that entailed little work and excessive slack. He ran a hand through the front of his hair brushing it a little to side as he noticed it was starting to grow too long. “Maybe I can go to the new hair salon in the strip mall today after school...” he thought to himself. The halls began to fill with noise and young imperfect faces rushing pass the clear windows of the classroom door. Softly, he closed the EMT textbook and pushed his things together so he’d be able to sweep everything into his backpack and leave before all the buses were jammed together in the parking lot sized for a dentist’s office rather than a high school, even if it was a vocational school of less than 300 students.

“Alright guys, you can go. Next week we’ll order some of Tommy’s pizza while we touch up on geriatric care.” the instructor jokingly concluded from the day’s discussion in class. Smiling a bit, Sungmin opened the mouth of his bag and haphazardly made everything fit before shrugging on his varsity jacket and striding to the door. He chatted a bit with those around him but never once stopping his pace through the mass of bodies. As he finally reached the more open space of the lobby, Sungmin smiled as he spotted Donghae walking towards him.

“Hyung,” Donghae smiled brightly towards the senior who had slowed down to dig in his back pocket for his car keys. Sungmin’s eyes crinkled a bit into an eye smile as he swung out his jingling keys and said, “Hey Donghae, need a ride home today?” The younger boy spun on his heel to push the door open with his back so he could keep the conversation going, “No, thanks though. Shindong hyung’s picking up me and Hyuk to go to the studio since we don’t have any homework today.”

“Thatta boy,” Sungmin said with a grin of a Cheshire cat and a ruffle of the mess of dark brown that stooped to pick up a penny from the ground. “We’re having a battle, even though they say it’s just a session, with the other schools soon right?”

“Yup!” piped up a blonde with a bright gummy smile.

“Sounds good, guys,” Sungmin replied moving over a little to make room for Shindong in their walking line.

“Smells like win too,” joked the hyung of the quartet.

“Yah, Hyukjae!” Sungmin called out making the boy turn around, “Eunhyuk can’t forget his swag. We got this one.” Sungmin re-capped his friend’s head with the fitted hat he had left behind on the bench while sitting with Shindong.
The determined looks and smiles on their faces indicated nothing less than complete confidence and arrogance. “We got this.”

The trio headed off the Shindong’s car in the back while Sungmin went to the upper lot for seniors to park.

“You have the biggest ass in the entire history of this school, you wouldn’t want to lose that title so soon would you now, Cho?”

Kyuhyun grinned at his hyung and slipped off the trunk of the car just before Sungmin pressed the button on his keys to open the trunk and drop his stuff in.

“Audi TT RS, gently used, not bad. Scrapped the old Corolla?”

The other student was now carefully inspecting his car of any mishaps that Kyuhyun’s ass might’ve made. “I swear Kyuhyun, if that ass of yours that carries half of your weight made a dent,”

“My ass is all yours then, sweetheart.” the younger of the duo interrupted leaning his side against the back of the car while covering the inside of his boyfriend’s arm with the gentlest brushes of his fingertips.

Sungmin gave a pointed look to the boy and the other simply threw back a raunchy wink. “Looks like someone had a bit too much fun in Calculus today, what did you do? Find the integral of the function of my ass’ curvature?” He walked to the driver’s side and took off the leather jacket, chucking it into the backseat while he listened to Kyuhyun’s laughter make its way to the opposite side of the car.

“Seems like Nutrition didn’t quite rub you the right way today?” he asked clicking the seatbelt and making a move roll up the tinted windows.

“Okay, enough bad puns for today,” Sungmin declared as the engine purred for its owner and the rest of the windows blocked off intruding sunlight. He turned to his passenger and turned his smile into a smirk, “Let’s go.”

“One second.”

Fingers tugged Sungmin forth by the necklace he was wearing as another hand cupped his jaw and titled his head so it was angled towards the left and upwards. Plump and slightly chapped lips melded against fleshy and well shaped ones. As abruptly as it was brought on, the kiss ended gently with a tug of bottom lips, wet tongues, and the subconscious phenomenon which became common place for the couple; one hand clasped in another with interlaced fingers.

“Alright, let’s go.”


I started writing this back when Late Autumn first came out, I don't quite remember what I was going to do with this story but comment if you'd like to read more :D !
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SuJu iPod Challenge

Did this from a while back so I thought, eh! Might as well post it. Enjoy ! And comment if you'd like me to write more kyumin :')

As news erupted all over the Internet, all he could do was sit there without anyone being aware of his presence and knowledge of the situation. Heechul sat there in silence now only with tears streaming his cheeks. “Why does it have to be like this.”

Hankyung hung his head in shame... in confusion, out of love, from such a vast variety of emotions that his soul simply could not organize at the moment. All he knew was that to Heechul out of all people he cared about in his life, he had to apologize for the rest of his life. “Chul-ah, I’m sorry.”

No matter how many times he could say those words, it would never make up, never cover for the amount of damage he had delivered to the other man.

It had been announced that Hankyung had brought his situation in SM Entertainment to court. The slave contract. The visa issues. Neglect. Everything over the years... now he finally decided that he was strong enough to face this and take that dream of his into his own hands. That was all he was doing really. Han Geng made the decision to live his life as he wanted, without regrets and as happily as possible. He decided to end his contract with SM Entertainment, the one place that brought him to where he stands today but also the one same which had hurt him repeatedly over the long years of training and after debut.

This brought the two to the current situation. Heechul and Han Geng sit in an unknown room with Han Geng’s manager standing by the door to guard as they hold each other by the hand, grieving from the soon to be permanent separation and crying in relief of being freed from the suffering.

Beijing Welcomes You | Beijing Olympics

In their stay in Taiwan, Donghae was only really relaxed when he was with the rest of his brothers. Filming with Siwon was quite the stressful process, it was mentally tasking having to switch between languages, especially when one was not the easiest to comprehend.

“Hyuk, 中國話 is so hard. I'm going to explode if this keeps up day after day. I wish I could just go on the variety shows with you guys, they look like so much fun and an excellent distraction.” the orange haired man whined to his friend in the hotel.

“Who’s hard?” Hyuk called over through the open bathroom door.

中國話 | S.H.E

Kyuhyun sang his soul out almost every time though his face may not always convey that. He may show you a nonchalant or spaced out expression but he is a singer whose passion is to sing and let others remember him as that, a singer.

As the words flowed out from his throat, he heard the other members join him in harmony and things felt as they should be.

Kangin’s voice rang out distinctly in a warm tone as Sungmin’s sweet voice balanced out his own deep and rich one of silken qualities. As more voices joined in with each passing measure, the lyrics begin to cut in and Kyuhyun realizes how much Super Junior means to him. They are family to him and he promises to that he’ll always do his best for them. But not only are they family that are close enough to be blood related, but it is who he is.

So I | Super Junior

Henry smiled and yelled in joy when he got the word that him and Mimi would be in the SMTOWN MV ! This is what he has been waiting for after all of those years out being casted aside and jeered at for infiltrating Super Junior. What better choice to put in the two of them than a warm and cheerful Christmas music video? Christmas is a time where smiles, presents, and love is celebrated among people in general no matter of who they are or where they stand in this society.

Leaning into the microphone, Henry’s smile was so wide his eyes disappeared from those mochi cheeks which hadn’t completely dissipated yet. “Christmas is finally here, it’s time to celebrate cause you make a better world year after year!”

When he got back to the dorms later that night, he sat at his desk with a paper and pen.
“Dear Santa, thank you.”

Santa U Are The One | Super Junior

Sitting on his bed in the middle of winter, Kyuhyun looked outside the window of his shared bedroom to see the first snow fall. His phone beeped alerting him of a new notification of some sort.

Henry tweeted something.

“Aw... mochi, cute.” Henry tweeted about the first snow fall with a picture of him in his bed looking like quite the dashing young man. Kyuhyun didn’t feel a smile reach his face however. His boyfriend tweeted such an alluring picture that was clearly meant for him to see and take the hint that Henry wanted his boyfriend in that bed with him tonight to cuddle and do other things couples do.

Kyuhyun couldn’t bring himself to make the short trip over to make his own boyfriend smile as he smiled forlornly at the empty bed next to him.

“Things shouldn’t be like this, it’s not fair. But Sungmin, I really still love you.”

Sungmin passed by the door to their shared room and walked into EunHae’s excitedly telling his own boyfriend about the first snow fall while gently pushing the door shut. Kyuhyun watched the lights flick off from the open space between the floor and the door. He felt his heart chip away some more at the warmth and sincerity that would be going on in that room at night.

Eunhyuk walked into his room saying, “I’m kicked out of my room tonight but hyung knows you need a shoulder tonight anyway, Kyu-ah.”

I Miss You Already | G.NA

Goodness, never realized how slow I write. I could only manage this much for every 3 minutes of a song D:
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Work On Christmas Eve Drabble

A thought that popped into my wandering mind while cleaning all the bathrooms in my house in the afternoon of Christmas Eve! Merry belated Christmas Eve ! :')


It's the afternoon of Christmas Eve and here Sungmin is, on his knees bent over the edge of the bath tub with his left arm stretched out gripping onto the other ledge. He groans as his arms shake from supporting his body weight for so long. “Fuck.. Cho Kyuhyun, you better pay me extra for this,” he grumbles.

Scrubbing away vigorously at the dark spots in the shower, Sungmin leans in further to reach across to scrub more dirt away. "Damn it, maybe if you showered more often you wouldn't have so much dirt to splatter everywhere." Reaching a soap suds laden hand back, Sungmin tugs his pesky black sweater back over his rump to cover how indecently tight his skinny jeans are. 

Suddenly, a presence makes itself known behind him, nothing of a subtle kind either. “Now why would I ever pay you extra for doing your job, Sungmin-sshi?”

Against the voluptuous ass that arched beautifully into the air, the figure traps the hard working boy where he was. He straddles Sungmin's rear, firmly pressing his calves against supple hips. 

Startled by the intrusion, Sungmin loses hold of the shower head that was pressed, spray head downwards, in his left hand against the opposite ledge of the tub. He wriggles a bit and flips around to greet the owner of the voice, his employer, with an injured pride and slight scowl. 

Streams of lukewarm water spurt uncontrollably from the shower head turned predatory snake. First, it drenches Sungmin's head and upper back, which essentially hosed his entire back that's currently resting against the tub. Next, it shoots towards Kyuhyun's legs and simple white shirt covered abdomen.... and his entire being in general.

Sighing, Kyuhyun reaches down and grabs the troublesome object holding it away from the two. 

Sungmin turns his head to the side so as to not have the wet jean clad crotch press directly onto his face, rather his cheek. Even through the layers separating the meeting of skin to skin, Sungmin can feel heat transferring over to his cheek and an ever so slight twitch from what stirs underneath.

The younger of the two pressed the small stopper on top of the faucet down and the water began to flow heavily from the faucet now. As he reached for the plug sitting in the very corner of the bath tub, he pressed closer to the tub inadvertently nudging his pelvis further onto his employee's face and just may have grinded a tad.

"Sungmin-sshi, I told you to clean the bath tub, not the floor," Kyuhyun emphasizes with a small shift of his foot creating the sound of swishing water, "Or me."

He pushes the drain plug into the hole, this time making his intent clear as he gently thrusts his hips forward.

"Yah... Cho Kyuhy -- " Sungmin started, putting his hands on hips in front of him and pushing them away from his face.

"Since you've only done a half of the job, the other half can just be compensated then." Kyuhyun says nonchalantly as he takes his hands that are cupping a handful of water and kneels down to be face to face with Sungmin. He grips the older man's shirt, wetting the front of his sweater and brings himself closer to diminish the space between their lips.

"You can wash our clothes by hand,"

Sungmin looks at the rich and handsome boy whom he calls his employer.

"while scrubbing down the rest of the tub,"

Yet he also refers to him in a different manner..

"while being fucked."

Lee Sungmin's lover.

sungmin, crotch, gun

Hyung! Sungmin has a gun down his pants! (1/2)

I cannot believe my first SuJu fanfic is of KyuMin SMUT /ashamed
I blame everything on the teasers and Rei!
And a little blurb in here for Lily, my not really moody/PMSing aussie.

Anywho, on with the show.


“Yes... good. Hm...Sungmin-sshi, turn around and try a back pose.” the director called out from behind the lines of cameras, lighting, computers, and electrics. Staring at the monitor that was showing each movement of the posing man, he frowned and drew his eyebrows together. There was something that wasn’t quite right about the concept yet but he couldn’t put his finger on it. It was as flashy in color as the other’s had been with the primary colored pants. It also had the same amount of sex appeal as the other outfits through the white fishnet wifebeater that was just the right amount of snug in all the perfect places.

Several members who had finished their photos gathered around the computer with the director. Eyes widened and jaws dropped when they looked at the screen showing Sungmin trying different poses with his back to the camera and head glancing over his shoulder, eyes smoldering with determination of an ELF all-kill. Eunhyuk sucked up the drool that was hanging off the corner of his mouth as he asked to no one in particular, “Wow... when did Sungmin get this hot?”

Shindong shook his head, disagreeing with his platinum blonde haired dongsaeng, “Hot? Nah, Sungmin’s just gorgeous. Look at his nose! It’s so perfect.”

Leeteuk stared unblinkingly at the screen, faintly nodding his head along, “Sungmin-ah... how are you so good looking? It’s not fair! Look at his lips—”

Kyuhyun cut off his darkly colored happy trail friend, “They look so—”

“Bite-able?” the director piped up, still staring intensely at the monitor with his eyebrows furrowed deep in thought.

One would think he’d be fazed when a man in his 50’s made a sexually provocative comment towards their 25 year old male friend. But then, he remembers that this is Super Junior, root of all sexual frustration and it is perfectly understandable for humans of all ages to think Lee Sungmin is one fine human being.

Kyuhyun tilted his head a bit to think before replying, “Not really. I was thinking chewable, but biting is a wonderful idea. Thanks, hyung.” Being Cho Kyuhyun, a smirk lifted a corner of his lips subconsciously thinking, “Hyung, don’t push yourself too hard. You have a lot of work to do tonight.” The quintet continued to admire their fellow member’s back features, commenting on his nicely toned back which was visible through the transparent yellow vinyl windbreaker.

Suddenly, a stylist noona walked onto the set holding out a red and black striped jacket to the man. “Sungmin-ah, put this on and see how it looks.”

He turned around surprised that someone had interrupted his shoot. Being the very perfect person he was, he thought he could finish his photos in one shot straight through. Having the same stylist for so many years, she looked at his slightly disappointed face knowing what he was upset about and gently put a hand on his now jacketed shoulder, fixing the collar and all its dangling trinkets. “Silly boy, you’re perfect. You’re a perfect model with the best face and body. We’re just trying some ways to make you look even better.” she said softly.

Squinting harder and leaning closer into the screen, the director loosened his tight knit brows a tad. With the red jacket on, though more was concealed, it just seemed better. Donghae sighed in admiration, “Ah... our Sungmin’s still so handsome even if you put a carpet on him.” The director shot the man a dirty look but turned his focus back to the screen. Shindong smiled and tried to bite back a slight snicker.

Pointless because the director heard him anyway. Whipping around about to yell at the boys, he saw Shindong still had not taken off his clothes or his make up. The director was about to scold him when he remembered Shindong’s photos. Jumping up in a calamity of emotions, he shouted at to the corner of stylists.

“Yah! You’re paid to follow instructions and do your job, don’t just pick whatever you want!” one of the stylist shouted at her co-worker all the while thinking, “You ingrate... ARGH! ASDFKLJDSDL BITCH, YOUR STUPIDITY GETS ON MY NERVES MORE THAN EUNHAE GETTING IT ON RIGHT AFTER I FINISH STYLING. HALF-ASSING YOUR JOB? MIGHT AS WELL GET YOUR ASS TO SCHOOL AND READ UP ON WORK ETHICS. I can’t wait till I transfer and you’ll be here with some newbie... or just by yourself.” She chuckled to herself while picking up the yellow nail polish to put a second coat on Sungmin.

The boys stood, an awkward feeling now settling over them being at a lost of what had just occurred. Everyone else in the studio besides them seemed to understand though. Leeteuk gave a comforting smile to the confused members, despite not knowing what happened himself either. Eunhyuk shrugged and turned his attention back to the monitor only to let out a small gasp and a very strange facial expression of a cocked eyebrow and open mouth. The rest of the boys turned their attention back to screen and the studio was filled with pretty boys who looked like fish on dry land.

Sungmin now stood in the bright lights, hair poofed slightly into an up-do, with two strands of hair almost crossing next to his earring studded ear. His black and yellow polished nails shined against the lights as he took the tips of the red and black striped jacket into his hands, draping it over his shoulder. He turned his head to the right and casted his gaze downwards, beautifully showcasing the perfect profile he was born with and a long expanse of smooth skinned neck along with chest. The fivesome stood watching, speechless at the quick transformation. No longer looking at the screen, they admired the real view of their member.

“And for the last touch,” the director bellowed from the opposite side of the studio walking towards Sungmin with a hand behind his back, “this!” He took the edge of the pumpkin loving boy’s pants and quickly shoved an object in.

Sungmin, at the feeling of harm possibly coming in contact with a part of his body he considered to be quite important and was rather proud of, squeaked indecently and squirmed to cover up.

Donghae gave Kyuhyun, who was scowling at the exchange that was happening in front of them, a knowing smile with a quick jab to the side. He leaned over and whispered into his ear, “Don’t be so obvious” and quickly moved away next to Eunhyuk who was thoroughly confused, only registering that Sungmin was hot... amazingly hot. He felt an arm slide against the small of his back and a thumb rub small circles on his jutting hip bone. Kyuhyun scoffed at the pair, “You’re telling me to not be so obvious...”

If life was a cartoon, the studio would currently being drowning in Super Junior’s drool (mainly Kyuhyun’s) and everyone would be twitching on the ground, eyes rolled back from Sungmin’s infinite sex appeal at the moment.

The director took a step back and smiled at his handy work, dusting off his hands. He grinned and walked back to the monitor as a second round of photos began.

“Hyung! Sungmin has a gun down his pants!” Shindong spluttered.

Kyuhyun repeated the outburst in his head and smirked, thinking how ironic it would be soon. There was a promising dark spark in his eyes as he walked off taking a turn down into a hallway.


Well, here it is so far.
Part two will be the smut which will be up... soon, if wanted at all that is :/
Comment if you have anything you want to see happen with KyuMin !  I am completely up for ideas.

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Loving Arms

Well, this is a bit of a saddening first post.
Oh well ~
Me daydreaming, it's great haha.
I wonder, what kind of genre would this be?
... whattheheckamidoing.
-------- Let's Write

"Seniors..." muttered the small Asian girl, short in stature with the oh so normal black hair cut in layers. Irritatedly, she snatched the large slice of green paper up from the dirty carpeted floor, fumbling clumsily. "Kay Sindhu, you got the background? Let's go." she confirmed to her taller Indian friend who was usually quite the motherly character. "Yeah, we can't work here."

Clutching the light green fabric bag stuffed to the brim with art supplies and various other trinkets the girl decided one morning to shove haphazardly into the bag as well, perhaps for... creative satisfaction? Or maybe because she was running that late morning and simply supplied the bag with whatever she could claw in several seconds. Walking down the hall with a small group of people, she questioned, irritated now, "Where the hell can we go?"

"Media center." exclaimed Sindhu with pointed excitement only to be let down by Jay who walked out quickly saying, "Cancro's having a meeting in there. You can't work in there."

"Damn. Koffler's?" the shorter of the group suggested, eyes sweeping to the classroom across the hall in hope before remembering, "No, there's chorus auditions today."

"Where can we go work on this then?" fumed a now angry Sindhu, who paced around in tight circles with the enormous black background fluttering about noisily.

"We'll have to go to the cafeteria." shrugged the girl as she looked pointedly at the darker skinned girl and began to stroll down to the cafeteria to work on the backdrop with the green paper trailing behind her lazily, freely.

"Really?" she whined.

The small group, consisting of five girls, settled down in one corner of the mostly empty cafeteria, clunking down all the materials they transported down the hall with full arms. Two of the girls who had nothing to do with the project sat down to one section of the conjoined table and began to eat. "Shoot, Hibah! Could you do my math homework please?" asked the only Chinese girl there who had too much on her hands and too much on her shoulders to be bothered to do math homework. "They're odds so could you please just copy them from the back of the book?" she rambled on, pleading completed with a pout and shining widened eyes.

Laughing lightly, the one Muslim girl agreed, "Okay."

"Thank you !" squeaked the Chinese girl as she pressed her hands together in front of her chest, in a gesture of gratitude. Plucking a grape from one of their lunches, she spun back over to the table next to theirs with a light bounce in her step. She grabbed a piece of yellow chalk and a pair of scissors and quietly began to work.

Meanwhile, the two other girls in the group of five sat there talking. SIndhu slowly and carefully removed the dragon from the big frame of green it was previously encased on into a a free flying "American Dragon, Jake Long" type like from a fairy tale. Whilst she cut, the other girl sat there with her, chatting idly and switching from topic to topic. Eavesdropping, the Chinese girl heard something about her boyfriend and what not. Quite honestly, though the girl was kind and all, she just could not give attention to, what seemed like to her, a petty situation. She turned to concentrate on the large piece of artwork in front of her, feeling a twinge of pride for having done all the artistic work herself. A small smile lifted her lips into a soft curve as she stared at the serene face of the sleeping moon slumbering atop feathery beds of clouds.

As she took the scissors and scraped the stick of yellow sidewalk chalk idly and silently until a small mound accumulated on the paper. "Ah, napkin." she thought. Turning around she flitted over to her friends that were eating again. "Hi, napkin." she stated and with a smile plucked the napkin from the table while popping another grape into her mouth. The two just stared at her, she giggled and poked her tongue out a bit. Sighing, they shook their heads while they laughed lightly at the quirky, silly, and childish personality they had come to know and love.

Sitting back down alone at the table, the black haired girl sat in a chair with her back to the four behind her. She heard them talking in serious voices and felt a small tug in her heart that most teenagers feel often, that feeling that they were talking about her, gossiping in soft voices literally behind her back. Biting the edge of her bottom lip, she closed her eyes and breathed out softly while thinking, "They wouldn't do that to me. Even if they did though, whatever." For the who-knows-how-many-timeth, the teen brought her focus back to art. Scrunching up the napkin, the girl dabbed it in the chalk shaving pile and began to rub the color in to fill in the blank spaces the color pencil failed to. "Hey, it's like I'm putting on foundation." she thought to herself stupidly and debated whether or not to go tell the four sitting behind her. "Nah, they're still talking." She continued to gently rub the soft pastel yellow on, now quietly singing Good Luck under her breath. Somehow, as second passed second, a small feeling of loneliness began to nip at her. That was why she began to sing, to try to mute the voices talking behind her while she sat at the table in front, completely alone.

However, she kept on working diligently, careful not to spill too much of the shavings onto the black background (although she eventually did and decided to create a hazy lining around). As their voices continued, she decided to just stare off into space, imagining that she was back in time during middle school in her favorite room, the art room.

Soft sunlight floated through the windows, draping the arches of the elevated ceiling and plants scattered around in a symphony of warm honey. This was no longer the drab white rectangle room with standard lunch tables. The room was completely empty with a soft melody circulating throughout the room and her body and soul. The tables were wooden, sturdy and engraved with cuts, dents, and sporadic splatters of paint. Strewn across the room were books releasing vibes of creativity of art from their very bindings. One side of the room was lined with deep metal sinks, those too, sporting drips of paint and inside, brushes of all sorts with dried paint on not only their tips but their body as well because artists aren't as cool and sophisticated as they used to be. Nowadays, artists untie themselves from the bonds of society-acceptance through art, a blissful escape that colors the soul with a rosy blush from the joy of Life. Stepping into the two small rooms next to the body of the main room were beautiful stock rooms, so complete in every way thinkable. Every supply you could ever want could be found and used; gold leaf paper, that good clay that was always a bit too expensive to buy using lunch money, anything and everything including the aromatic smells of art; the paper, the oil pastels... anything and everything. But most of all in the what seemed as though it were magical in giving anyone who stepped in an immediate wave of relaxation and inner peace, was the outside view through the large windows and single circular window in the peculiar arches of the ceiling. The sky outside was a light and refreshing blue tinted with poofs of white clouds drifting along. Through the wall of glass windows was a courtyard littered with a ground covering of green and several bursts of color splashing life into the steady toll. Overall, the room had the aurora saying, Live the Life you Love & Love the Life you Live.

Suddenly, the girl was shaken out of her peaceful and warm reverie of a time when things were better. She gasped as a strong pair of arms wrapped warmly around her. They tightened in their embrace softly as a whisper blew quiet against her ear, "Hi." Without turning around, she smiled and leaned back into warmth that spread genuine happiness through her entire body and loneliness left without a single trace of ever marking a temporary place for itself in the girl's hear at all. She laughed lightly and lovingly then teased, "Stop smiling like such an idiot ~"

"Me?" he laughed, laughter slightly deep and extremely contagious. Finally turning around, the girl laughed eyes crinkling up in the corners, dimples in place. She looked at the boy in front of her who still had his arms around her, on the tops of her shoulders, hands warm on her back and couldn't help but smile. The smile was different from the ones she had given earlier, not just complete silliness with some cuteness thrown in. This smile was silliness with cuteness thrown in mixed all together with happiness and love and sincerity. "Just kidding," she joked, "But did you know, you have the most perfect timing?" she asked cocking her head to the side. "Thank you."

The boy looked at her and tilted his head in question, black hair brushing to the side a little. "It's nothing," she waved off happily, "Just wanted to say thanks for being amazing." By now, he had moved to sit down next to the girl.

Suddenly, he chuckled as he took the girl's face carefully in his hands and turned it to one side. "You have a yellow chalk hand print on your cheek." the boy's laugh tinkled in the air as his thumb wiped softly against her cheek. "Oh, whoops..." the girl murmured quietly as an embarrassed blush dusted across her cheeks where the boy's hands were. He simply smiled, slightly amused.

After he finished, he let go of her face and asked, "Can I help?" He pointed at the pile of chalk shaving still on the moon. She nodded and said, "I only have one napkin though. You could --" She stopped and thought, "Oh yeah, Siri and them are still here. I completely forgot." She smiled inwardly and laughed, happy. He gave her a puzzled look, asking her to explain with his eyes. "Mm, it's nothing much. Actually, before you came, I was kind of lonely cause they're already talking in groups behind me and I had to work alone. That why I said thanks too..." the girl explained as she looked at him under her lashes.

"You're adorable." he breathed, laughing silently.

The girl looked behind her to see what the group was still doing, she managed to find four pairs of eyes staring back at her own and four lips unmoving but smiling at her teasingly. Looking away, she smiled shyly and turned back around to continue working. "Thank you, again." she replied sweetly. He smiled and wrapped one arm on her waist, hugging her closer to his side. If it could even be possible, more happiness and warmth shone within the girl, making her finger tips tingle and heart warm as they finished filling in the gaps of the moon together, making it whole, complete, and one.

And with that, the warmth disappeared. The blue sky was gone, honey symphony, completeness; gone, instead replaced by the drab cafeteria walls with clean plywood tables and windows covered with sharp metal blinds of restriction.

"I'm done. Let's go back."
She stood up and began to clean the table . . . reminiscing tenderly the tingling warmth that was once by her side, so long ago.

outcome of being overtly minnie smitten today from that one picture.oh dearrrr ~
i think i'll start the 100 SJ Challenge soon. it seems fun. now.... i just need to figure out how this dang thing works.
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