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Hyung! Sungmin has a gun down his pants! (1/2)

I cannot believe my first SuJu fanfic is of KyuMin SMUT /ashamed
I blame everything on the teasers and Rei!
And a little blurb in here for Lily, my not really moody/PMSing aussie.

Anywho, on with the show.


“Yes... good. Hm...Sungmin-sshi, turn around and try a back pose.” the director called out from behind the lines of cameras, lighting, computers, and electrics. Staring at the monitor that was showing each movement of the posing man, he frowned and drew his eyebrows together. There was something that wasn’t quite right about the concept yet but he couldn’t put his finger on it. It was as flashy in color as the other’s had been with the primary colored pants. It also had the same amount of sex appeal as the other outfits through the white fishnet wifebeater that was just the right amount of snug in all the perfect places.

Several members who had finished their photos gathered around the computer with the director. Eyes widened and jaws dropped when they looked at the screen showing Sungmin trying different poses with his back to the camera and head glancing over his shoulder, eyes smoldering with determination of an ELF all-kill. Eunhyuk sucked up the drool that was hanging off the corner of his mouth as he asked to no one in particular, “Wow... when did Sungmin get this hot?”

Shindong shook his head, disagreeing with his platinum blonde haired dongsaeng, “Hot? Nah, Sungmin’s just gorgeous. Look at his nose! It’s so perfect.”

Leeteuk stared unblinkingly at the screen, faintly nodding his head along, “Sungmin-ah... how are you so good looking? It’s not fair! Look at his lips—”

Kyuhyun cut off his darkly colored happy trail friend, “They look so—”

“Bite-able?” the director piped up, still staring intensely at the monitor with his eyebrows furrowed deep in thought.

One would think he’d be fazed when a man in his 50’s made a sexually provocative comment towards their 25 year old male friend. But then, he remembers that this is Super Junior, root of all sexual frustration and it is perfectly understandable for humans of all ages to think Lee Sungmin is one fine human being.

Kyuhyun tilted his head a bit to think before replying, “Not really. I was thinking chewable, but biting is a wonderful idea. Thanks, hyung.” Being Cho Kyuhyun, a smirk lifted a corner of his lips subconsciously thinking, “Hyung, don’t push yourself too hard. You have a lot of work to do tonight.” The quintet continued to admire their fellow member’s back features, commenting on his nicely toned back which was visible through the transparent yellow vinyl windbreaker.

Suddenly, a stylist noona walked onto the set holding out a red and black striped jacket to the man. “Sungmin-ah, put this on and see how it looks.”

He turned around surprised that someone had interrupted his shoot. Being the very perfect person he was, he thought he could finish his photos in one shot straight through. Having the same stylist for so many years, she looked at his slightly disappointed face knowing what he was upset about and gently put a hand on his now jacketed shoulder, fixing the collar and all its dangling trinkets. “Silly boy, you’re perfect. You’re a perfect model with the best face and body. We’re just trying some ways to make you look even better.” she said softly.

Squinting harder and leaning closer into the screen, the director loosened his tight knit brows a tad. With the red jacket on, though more was concealed, it just seemed better. Donghae sighed in admiration, “Ah... our Sungmin’s still so handsome even if you put a carpet on him.” The director shot the man a dirty look but turned his focus back to the screen. Shindong smiled and tried to bite back a slight snicker.

Pointless because the director heard him anyway. Whipping around about to yell at the boys, he saw Shindong still had not taken off his clothes or his make up. The director was about to scold him when he remembered Shindong’s photos. Jumping up in a calamity of emotions, he shouted at to the corner of stylists.

“Yah! You’re paid to follow instructions and do your job, don’t just pick whatever you want!” one of the stylist shouted at her co-worker all the while thinking, “You ingrate... ARGH! ASDFKLJDSDL BITCH, YOUR STUPIDITY GETS ON MY NERVES MORE THAN EUNHAE GETTING IT ON RIGHT AFTER I FINISH STYLING. HALF-ASSING YOUR JOB? MIGHT AS WELL GET YOUR ASS TO SCHOOL AND READ UP ON WORK ETHICS. I can’t wait till I transfer and you’ll be here with some newbie... or just by yourself.” She chuckled to herself while picking up the yellow nail polish to put a second coat on Sungmin.

The boys stood, an awkward feeling now settling over them being at a lost of what had just occurred. Everyone else in the studio besides them seemed to understand though. Leeteuk gave a comforting smile to the confused members, despite not knowing what happened himself either. Eunhyuk shrugged and turned his attention back to the monitor only to let out a small gasp and a very strange facial expression of a cocked eyebrow and open mouth. The rest of the boys turned their attention back to screen and the studio was filled with pretty boys who looked like fish on dry land.

Sungmin now stood in the bright lights, hair poofed slightly into an up-do, with two strands of hair almost crossing next to his earring studded ear. His black and yellow polished nails shined against the lights as he took the tips of the red and black striped jacket into his hands, draping it over his shoulder. He turned his head to the right and casted his gaze downwards, beautifully showcasing the perfect profile he was born with and a long expanse of smooth skinned neck along with chest. The fivesome stood watching, speechless at the quick transformation. No longer looking at the screen, they admired the real view of their member.

“And for the last touch,” the director bellowed from the opposite side of the studio walking towards Sungmin with a hand behind his back, “this!” He took the edge of the pumpkin loving boy’s pants and quickly shoved an object in.

Sungmin, at the feeling of harm possibly coming in contact with a part of his body he considered to be quite important and was rather proud of, squeaked indecently and squirmed to cover up.

Donghae gave Kyuhyun, who was scowling at the exchange that was happening in front of them, a knowing smile with a quick jab to the side. He leaned over and whispered into his ear, “Don’t be so obvious” and quickly moved away next to Eunhyuk who was thoroughly confused, only registering that Sungmin was hot... amazingly hot. He felt an arm slide against the small of his back and a thumb rub small circles on his jutting hip bone. Kyuhyun scoffed at the pair, “You’re telling me to not be so obvious...”

If life was a cartoon, the studio would currently being drowning in Super Junior’s drool (mainly Kyuhyun’s) and everyone would be twitching on the ground, eyes rolled back from Sungmin’s infinite sex appeal at the moment.

The director took a step back and smiled at his handy work, dusting off his hands. He grinned and walked back to the monitor as a second round of photos began.

“Hyung! Sungmin has a gun down his pants!” Shindong spluttered.

Kyuhyun repeated the outburst in his head and smirked, thinking how ironic it would be soon. There was a promising dark spark in his eyes as he walked off taking a turn down into a hallway.


Well, here it is so far.
Part two will be the smut which will be up... soon, if wanted at all that is :/
Comment if you have anything you want to see happen with KyuMin !  I am completely up for ideas.

Tags: 5jib, comeback, kyuhyun, kyumin, sungmin, super junior
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