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16 January 2012 @ 05:38 pm
In Late Autumn, let's hold hands  
Holding hands is an action that is rather intimate. Unlike kissing which only lasts for a certain amount of time and is swapping bodily fluid with someone, which one could easily do with a hug as well... holding hands is more special than such.

Sungmin went through another ordinary week of school. Being a high school senior, that entailed little work and excessive slack. He ran a hand through the front of his hair brushing it a little to side as he noticed it was starting to grow too long. “Maybe I can go to the new hair salon in the strip mall today after school...” he thought to himself. The halls began to fill with noise and young imperfect faces rushing pass the clear windows of the classroom door. Softly, he closed the EMT textbook and pushed his things together so he’d be able to sweep everything into his backpack and leave before all the buses were jammed together in the parking lot sized for a dentist’s office rather than a high school, even if it was a vocational school of less than 300 students.

“Alright guys, you can go. Next week we’ll order some of Tommy’s pizza while we touch up on geriatric care.” the instructor jokingly concluded from the day’s discussion in class. Smiling a bit, Sungmin opened the mouth of his bag and haphazardly made everything fit before shrugging on his varsity jacket and striding to the door. He chatted a bit with those around him but never once stopping his pace through the mass of bodies. As he finally reached the more open space of the lobby, Sungmin smiled as he spotted Donghae walking towards him.

“Hyung,” Donghae smiled brightly towards the senior who had slowed down to dig in his back pocket for his car keys. Sungmin’s eyes crinkled a bit into an eye smile as he swung out his jingling keys and said, “Hey Donghae, need a ride home today?” The younger boy spun on his heel to push the door open with his back so he could keep the conversation going, “No, thanks though. Shindong hyung’s picking up me and Hyuk to go to the studio since we don’t have any homework today.”

“Thatta boy,” Sungmin said with a grin of a Cheshire cat and a ruffle of the mess of dark brown that stooped to pick up a penny from the ground. “We’re having a battle, even though they say it’s just a session, with the other schools soon right?”

“Yup!” piped up a blonde with a bright gummy smile.

“Sounds good, guys,” Sungmin replied moving over a little to make room for Shindong in their walking line.

“Smells like win too,” joked the hyung of the quartet.

“Yah, Hyukjae!” Sungmin called out making the boy turn around, “Eunhyuk can’t forget his swag. We got this one.” Sungmin re-capped his friend’s head with the fitted hat he had left behind on the bench while sitting with Shindong.
The determined looks and smiles on their faces indicated nothing less than complete confidence and arrogance. “We got this.”

The trio headed off the Shindong’s car in the back while Sungmin went to the upper lot for seniors to park.

“You have the biggest ass in the entire history of this school, you wouldn’t want to lose that title so soon would you now, Cho?”

Kyuhyun grinned at his hyung and slipped off the trunk of the car just before Sungmin pressed the button on his keys to open the trunk and drop his stuff in.

“Audi TT RS, gently used, not bad. Scrapped the old Corolla?”

The other student was now carefully inspecting his car of any mishaps that Kyuhyun’s ass might’ve made. “I swear Kyuhyun, if that ass of yours that carries half of your weight made a dent,”

“My ass is all yours then, sweetheart.” the younger of the duo interrupted leaning his side against the back of the car while covering the inside of his boyfriend’s arm with the gentlest brushes of his fingertips.

Sungmin gave a pointed look to the boy and the other simply threw back a raunchy wink. “Looks like someone had a bit too much fun in Calculus today, what did you do? Find the integral of the function of my ass’ curvature?” He walked to the driver’s side and took off the leather jacket, chucking it into the backseat while he listened to Kyuhyun’s laughter make its way to the opposite side of the car.

“Seems like Nutrition didn’t quite rub you the right way today?” he asked clicking the seatbelt and making a move roll up the tinted windows.

“Okay, enough bad puns for today,” Sungmin declared as the engine purred for its owner and the rest of the windows blocked off intruding sunlight. He turned to his passenger and turned his smile into a smirk, “Let’s go.”

“One second.”

Fingers tugged Sungmin forth by the necklace he was wearing as another hand cupped his jaw and titled his head so it was angled towards the left and upwards. Plump and slightly chapped lips melded against fleshy and well shaped ones. As abruptly as it was brought on, the kiss ended gently with a tug of bottom lips, wet tongues, and the subconscious phenomenon which became common place for the couple; one hand clasped in another with interlaced fingers.

“Alright, let’s go.”


I started writing this back when Late Autumn first came out, I don't quite remember what I was going to do with this story but comment if you'd like to read more :D !
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