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In Your Arms (1/5)

So this was inspired by Kina Grannis' song, In Your Arms. Just a short little story for each line of the chorus so here's the first part. Enjoy! Please do comment ^^

  "Anything we have known"  

There isn’t much that comes as a surprise to the other now.

On this show and that broadcast, the little tidbits of information the other reveals for girls to squeal over and make posts that would quickly accumulate hundreds of notes for, is never anything new. Sungmin knew that Kyuhyun would want to marry Ryeowook if he was a girl; it was the topic of their wine adventure last night. Kyuhyun knew Sungmin’s skin care habits and routine like no other.

Every night as the radio DJ duo stumbled into the dorm, Kyuhyun would be awake playing Star Craft or quietly listening to his mp3 player in either of the two beds in the room with the lights off to rest his tired eyes. Quietly, his hyung would as noiselessly as possible turn the knob and shuffle into the room.

“Go to sleep, Kyuhyun-ah.” Sungmin would chide, throwing off his beanie towards the chair and tousling his hair.

“Welcome home, hyung,” Kyuhyun would mumble in his drowsy state of mind as he’d get out of bed to walk over to their shared table to grab their special bag which only the two of them knew the exact contents of very well.

“I’m feeling dirty tonight Minnie.” Kyuhyun would whisper grabbing Sungmin’s waist and towing him along to the bathroom clicking the lock shut.

“You’re always dirty, maknae,” Sungmin would remark and then add with a sigh, “and lazy.” The bag would be snatched away from Kyuhyun’s hand and be placed to balance precariously on the small corner of the sink.

“At least get ready yourself, Kyu.” Soft rustling of hair and jostling of zippers would be heard in the small bathroom. “Ready?” Sungmin would ask once he set out each small parcel on the ledge.

Kyuhyun would hum a warm reply right next to Sungmin’s ear from behind.

Sungmin would turn around to find that young, tired, acne scarred face smiling at him eyes closed with a touch of bratty humor. The older of the two would not be able to resist the smile that tugged at his lips as he took the most perfect face in the world, in his mind at the least, into his hands. He’d rub his thumbs soothingly over the apples of the boy’s face.

Up close, he’d admire every feature of their youngest member until he felt that he was being too much of a creep taking count of the number of eyelashes. “Yah, don’t fall asleep on your hyung who’s helping you out!” Sungmin would swipe a sudsy finger near the corner of Kyuhyun’s mouth so he’d taste the slightest tinge of bitterness.

Kyuhyun would stick his tongue out, spitting, trying to get the bitterness off of his taste buds and look back at Sungmin who would be looking back at him with triumphant amusement. “That wasn’t nice, hyung.”

Sungmin’s face would be grabbed by slender calloused hands and he would yelp in defiance as Kyuhyun brought their cheeks together. “Kyuhyun, you’re getting your germy acne suds on me! Stop it! You are such a disgusting, maknae. Ew, Kyu-ah, stop!”

The current Sukira DJ would hold the other’s face still so his breathing could catch up while bringing their sudsy noses together. Their eyes would crinkle up forming half crescents as they’d enjoy the warm, silly, yet calming presence of the other in their arms.

It was the familiarity of the arms, the routine they know too well, even if there ever came a day where something surprising would arise, all that would be need to be done is a quick run back into the knowing arms.


"Anything we've forgotten" ( part two )

Should I continue writing this or.. just drop it? :/
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