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Valse Dissonant: La Ronde des Lutins [Chapter 1]

Title: Valse Dissonant: La Ronde des Lutins [Chapter 1]
Rating: G (future NC-17)
Pairing: KyuMin
Warnings: Future violence, rape, abuse
Word count: 1,429
Summary: In 1870 in the calms of Cannes, France are two musical prodigies who tug the red string of fate to be theirs despite what their lives allow them to.
A/N: spot for heezica because no one else is better than her :D

Music for this entire story: Claude Debussy | Valse Romantique
Music for this chapter: Bazzini | La Ronde des Lutins (Dance of the Goblins) here

“But mother, we had just moved to Paris. It’s so beautiful here.”

“I know dear, but mother has no choice. We must move to Cannes for now to live with Aunt Song.”

“I’ve – ”

“We will still be in France, love. We can come back to Paris at a later time to visit again.”

Turning away from his mother, the young boy of roughly seven years in age gently placed his worn rag bear underneath the inner strap of the suitcase next to several loose pages of sheet music. Sighing a last time, he buckled the outer straps and quietly trailed behind his mother out of the small and comfortable apartment he had grown to call home for almost two years.

And there the door clicked shut to another short memory of Kyuhyun’s life.


Kyuhyun flopped against the plush backing of the seat as the train booth’s door opened to his mother’s smiling face. Holding a small tin, she sat down next to the young boy and placed a hand on his knee.

“Sweet child, I’m sure at Cannes, you will meet new friends to play with just like Jean and Maris. It’s a very small city of less than 10,000 people and Aunt Song is preparing a surprise for you as we speak.” she softly explained to pacify her distraught son. She moved to offer in one hand, the small tin to Kyuhyun whose eyes brightened a bit and the other hand to gently thumb the crinkle between his brows away, “Here is a little gift just for you. Do not worry too much and smile. I’ll be going to check on our time of arrival now, stay inside the booth, dear.”

As his mother left, Kyuhyun palmed the smooth material of the hexagonal shaped tin, relatively short in stature and intricately detailed. Twisting the golden colored cap off, small chocolates of various gemmed shapes lay on purple shining paper. Smiling, he picked up a small ball of white chocolate with a lace pattern etched around the center in dark chocolate.

Placing it in his mouth, he turned to look out the car’s dusty window, admiring the new landscape slowly forming. In the distance, the beginnings of a town appeared with a lively port filled with people and beautiful buildings that were bound to have wonderful carvings atop. “Maybe a life here won’t be all bad,” Kyuhyun mumbled as the last of the honey in the center melted on the back of his tongue.

“Kyuhyun, we’re here!”


Kyuhyun swayed along behind his mother and aunt to the rhythmic clicking of their heels against the cobble stone street. The soft winds blew the smell of the sea into a mixture of everything else the small town offered from sugared peach cobblers to fresh clay pottery warm to the touch from the afternoon sun’s rays.

Looking up to the sky, he closes his eyes against the brightness and stretches his short yet somewhat lanky limbs letting relaxation flow in.

“Mother,” Kyuhyun spoke up suddenly catching the attention of the two women in front of him, “It’s magnificent here.” The boy smiled brightly, bright enough to churn warmth in the hearts of the two loving figures in front of him and any of the on looking store women.

As the trio continued with their tour of the quaint town of approximately 150 inhabitants, a cat gingerly walked across Kyuhyun’s path towards a less inundated section of the port town where grass grew in place of stones. He looked back to his mother and aunt and pointed towards the direction of the cat and they waved him on while sitting at a table outside a small café to talk to the friendly owner. Once they had reached the grass, the cat dashed away ahead as though it intended to jump from the low cliff into the water. As Kyuhyun was about to call out, it made a sharp turn to the left towards an old lighthouse which seemed to be unoccupied.

That was when Kyuhyun heard it.

Beneath the crescendo of splashing water, was a light but quick paced melody. Looking around the green field basked in golden rays, there was no one to be seen but the peculiar melody seemed to continue to weave through the air along with the salty sprays of water which jumped over the rocks onto the grass. The piece had a playful almost teasing character and Kyuhyun was intrigued by the melody when it suddenly paused for three beats.

He scanned the small area once again and cautiously neared the lighthouse as he heard the mysterious fiddler start once more. The delightful sudden plucks to accentuate a phrase made Kyuhyun smile and unconsciously waggle his fingers along to the rhythm. Rounding the side of the lighthouse, he finally caught sight of the back of his musician.

Cocking his head to the side, Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes taking in consideration the height of the source in front of him. “He’s no taller than I am,” the boy thought to himself as he calculated the added height from the way the boy in front of him leaned backed against the lighthouse using his right foot for support. He had remembered a story Jean had told him in the playground one day about short people with many talents. “Maybe this place has magic goblin musicians!”

The music came to an end in a string of pizzicatos and the boy nimbly lowered his bow and placed his violin into his case. “How long have you been here?”

Kyuhyun was almost taken out of his world of music and goblins as he faced the boy in front of him and asked before he could stop himself, “Are you a goblin?”

The two stopped all motion and stared at each other as they tried to process the conversation which had just taken place. Between the sounds of waves, their laughter melded together.

“How about we try this again? Hello, I’m Sungmin and I’m not a goblin.”

Kyuhyun looked at the boy in front of him and realized that he was roughly an inch taller than himself. Standing up straight with his chin up and a bright smile to match the boy’s equally, if not brighter smile; Kyuhyun introduced himself, “Hello, my name is Kyuhyun and I hadn’t meant to say that aloud.”

The two laughed together and Kyuhyun’s ears seemed to notice the way it fit together nicely, perhaps he just had an ear for nice sounds. “Sungmin, how old are you?”

“I’m eight years old but actually, I’ll be turning nine in two days.”

“You’re only two years older than me but you’re already fantastic at playing... that!”

Sungmin smiled brightly but sheepishly, “This?” he pulled the violin case closer to where the two sat in the shade of the lighthouse, “This is a violin. I’ve been practicing for two years now.”

“That’s incredible, I wish I could play an instrument as well.”

“Oh... you don’t?” the black haired boy said more to himself in a saddened voice.

“Did I... do something wrong? You look sad, I’m sorry, Sungmin!” Kyuhyun voiced as he panicked a bit at the thought of losing the first friend he made in Cannes.

“No, Kyuhyun, you didn’t do anything. I just thought– I saw your fingers... and it looked like you had the fingers of a pianist. It’s not your fault.” Sungmin explained and smiled gently to relieve the younger one.

Kyuhyun still did not quite understand why Sungmin would be upset over him not being able to play piano but he smiled and nodded along anyway. “I wonder if I started playing violin now... could I be as good as you are in two years?”

“I don’t know, people keep calling me a prodigy. When I asked my mother what that meant, she just said it meant I was born to be good at playing violin.” the older of the two said thoughtfully and continued when he noticed Kyuhyun’s frown, “but you never know if you don’t try. Looking at your hands, it looks like you have a musician’s hand too!”

“You really think so?!”

Sungmin took Kyuhyun’s hand into his and matched up the bones of their wrists together. “See, you’re a little younger than me so your hands a bit smaller but they still look the same! I know you can do it too.” Kyuhyun’s eyes crinkled up into crescents as he threaded his fingers between Sungmin’s and shook their hands together, “Okay! Let’s grow up and be musicians together then!”
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