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Valse Dissonant: Golliwogg's Cakewalk [Chapter 2]

Title: Valse Dissonant: Golliwogg's Cakewalk [Chapter 2]
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: KyuMin
Warnings: Violence, rape, abuse
Word count: 1,451
Summary: In 1870 in the calms of Cannes, France are two musical prodigies who tug the red string of fate to be theirs despite what their lives allow them to.
A/N: I strongly recommend you to listen to the piece that goes along with the chapter ^^
[Chapter 1]
Music for this entire story: Claude Debussy | Valse Romantique
Music for this chapter: Claude Debussy | Golliwogg's Cakewalk (here)


“Isn’t this town nice? Unlike some of the other towns, Le Suquet is less modernized, it is relaxing here. It may even be better than Paris!”

Kyuhyun nodded and smiled at his mother’s fawning and enthusiasm for their new home. “While you were away, mother and Aunt Song went to talk to the pâtissière several stores away from our house. Mother’s gotten the title of ‘Artiste Pâtissière: Spécialisé en Décoration de Gateaux’ at the shop.”

“I’m happy for you mother, I think I’m starting to like it a lot here too.” Kyuhyun said while gazing at the smile lines on his mother’s face to remember because more often than not, there would only be dark marks of exhaustion under her eyes. Kyuhyun loved seeing the truly happy eyes of his mother; it would make even the best of days seem infinitesimally better than it already was.

“I’m glad, we will be happy here. Now, wash up and go rest early tonight, dove. We’ll have to wake up early tomorrow morning to see Aunt Song’s surprise for you.”


Mother lovingly smoothed the top of my hair as I clicked my suitcase shut and tucked it away underneath my bed. The sun was almost fully set outside as I leaned over my sturdy wooden desk to push open the windows a bit. From my room, I could see right to where the lighthouse stood. I was so close that I saw the cat from earlier chase after her kitten. She snatched the baby up in her mouth and promptly went back to the lighthouse.

“Sungmin...” I hummed, the boy’s name rolling off my tongue so well.

As I lay in the soft covers, I lazily hung one leg over the edge of the bed with a thousand and one thoughts harboring over my head. What will school be like? Are the kids here going to like me? Is that peach cobbler as good as it smells? Did Jean and Maris already make a new friend?

I noticed the sun had set already as I glanced over to the open window with the sea breeze still lightly blowing in. Looking at the lighthouse, I held up my hand and measured the size of it between my thumb and index finger, just under an inch. I wonder, will I really be able to become a great musician like Sungmin? I didn’t even own anything musical with the exception of the random mismatched pages of sheet music I had found with Maris one day while were walking back from running errands for Madame Lorres. Wriggling my fingers in the dark, I felt each joint move and closed my eyes to imagine a piano. The lights shone down harshly on my back as I felt the heat creep through my suit jacket. The anxiety built up in my stomach making butterflies flit around and sweat emerge on my forehead and palms. I fiddled with my bowtie, pulling it away to cough once before looking at the crowd gathered to hear my first performance.

Looking into the dark sea of awaiting eyes and ears, a figure suddenly appeared in the center of the stage, a very familiar looking physique. I squinted my eyes against the harsh lighting and stared at the back of the boy in front of me hoping he would feel it. I already knew who it was before the boy began to turn around, before I could see the pointed tip of the perfectly sculpted nose.

I smiled at Sungmin as he lifted his violin and bow into position still facing me. Our eyes connected and, despite not knowing in the slightest bit how to play these ivory keys, I felt confident and relieved. Just from looking at him it felt as though there would be nothing in this world too difficult for me to overcome, not even him. “As long as we’re,” I murmured to myself as our synchronized breaths inhaled through our nostrils, “together.”

“Forever, Kyuhyun.”

My fingers fell straight to the keys and began the world renowned melody which even I knew by heart. My wrists rotated easily and smoothly as I flowed through the bars not missing a single F or C sharp, but when Sungmin joined in on his phrase of the melody my heart gave a start and my ears lit up as though they couldn’t bare the perfect harmony we created.

“Canon in D is a melody which flows so smoothly that you can make many changes to it and still never break the harmonious continuity. It will be like us, soon.”

“Soon... just not now.”

My hands slipped from the keys as my heart jumped out of my body and froze. I went to move my hands to wave them in front of me but I couldn’t. I couldn’t see anything.

“Kyuhyun, you believe you can be a great musician?”

I felt the voice against my jaw, halfway between my mouth and ear. The warm breath was so pungent it made my eyes water and my skin raise goose pimples. The tongue flattened against the underside of my jaw and moved slowly back and forth, I could feel each rut of a taste bud.

“Stop please; I know I can become a musician...”

The hand holding my own pair down pushed harder into the mattress as I felt another hand move my nightshirt up so it bunched messily around my upper torso. It ran over my belly and grasped unto my hip, the thumb mercilessly gripping the bone there.

“What makes you so sure? It's not easy to be successful. People all around you want you to fail and fall.”

I struggled again trying to wrestle my legs free from between the legs of the person above me, my knees constantly nudging against something hard. Is it a weapon? Is it a gun? Am I going to die? Tears are slipping past my closed eyes as I fight harder. I’m supposed to be with Sungmin forever, I can’t die yet.

“Sungmin told me so!”

I whimpered as the nubs on my chest were harshly pinched.

“What did Sungmin tell you?”

My underwear had been removed sometime in my course of commotion and fear of dying as fingers were now squeezing at the soft flesh of my bottom. The tip of a finger brushed past my hole and an involuntary shiver ran through me. There must be a way out, a way home.

“Sungmin said that I have hands of a musician!”

I pushed the arms off my chest with my chest only to have them land harder on top of me, knocking my next breath out of my lungs. My voice, which was louder than my actions, completely disappeared. Suddenly, there were hands all over me on parts that I never thought another person would ever see or touch. I was petrified of what was happening.

“Hands of a musician?”

The man scoffed at me as he grabbed my hands again.

“Show me then, Kyuhyun. Musicians can play wonders and create magic with any kind of instrument. Let me see this talent.”

My hands were forced to wrap around a hard and warm rod shaped object. It was slightly sticky and wet. I didn’t know what to do as I just kept my hands there. And then an unbearable pain arose.

“Please, stop! Please!”

I struggled, back arching into a bend I never thought was possible except for Maris’ incredible bridges in the playground. The finger only moved to go deeper; the pain splitting me apart from my seam.

“I’m not very impressed, Kyuhyun. I told you to listen to me. I told you to tell the boys to stop. I told you to stop,” the man slurred against my thigh, “Father knows best, Kyuhyun.”


Kyuhyun woke up in a tangle among his bed sheets, his body sticky from the sweat from the nightmare he endures every night. Getting out of bed, he propped his head against the wood siding of the window and breathed in the crisp and cool air of the summer morning. Gazing at the lighthouse, flashes of the dream performance crossed his mind bringing a small smile to linger on his face.

There was a gentle knock on the door as it opened up and Kyuhyun’s mother came in with a glass of water. “Good morning, love.”

Kyuhyun turned around to smile at his mother taking notice to the usual dark circles defining her eyes unknowing that his mother was looking at the same features on his face as well. “Did you sleep well last night, mother?”

“Yes, dear. It’s lovely here,” she said making the sheets on Kyuhyun’s bed, “Now come downstairs for breakfast so we can meet Aunt Song in time for your surprise.”

A/N: Well, here's another chapter! I'll be going on vacation to China & HK on Tuesday but I'll be back in about 2 weeks! I hope I get the next chapter done in time before I leave though.

Comments are better than Hyukkie being able to see for once in his teaser pics.

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