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Loving Arms

Well, this is a bit of a saddening first post.
Oh well ~
Me daydreaming, it's great haha.
I wonder, what kind of genre would this be?
... whattheheckamidoing.
-------- Let's Write

"Seniors..." muttered the small Asian girl, short in stature with the oh so normal black hair cut in layers. Irritatedly, she snatched the large slice of green paper up from the dirty carpeted floor, fumbling clumsily. "Kay Sindhu, you got the background? Let's go." she confirmed to her taller Indian friend who was usually quite the motherly character. "Yeah, we can't work here."

Clutching the light green fabric bag stuffed to the brim with art supplies and various other trinkets the girl decided one morning to shove haphazardly into the bag as well, perhaps for... creative satisfaction? Or maybe because she was running that late morning and simply supplied the bag with whatever she could claw in several seconds. Walking down the hall with a small group of people, she questioned, irritated now, "Where the hell can we go?"

"Media center." exclaimed Sindhu with pointed excitement only to be let down by Jay who walked out quickly saying, "Cancro's having a meeting in there. You can't work in there."

"Damn. Koffler's?" the shorter of the group suggested, eyes sweeping to the classroom across the hall in hope before remembering, "No, there's chorus auditions today."

"Where can we go work on this then?" fumed a now angry Sindhu, who paced around in tight circles with the enormous black background fluttering about noisily.

"We'll have to go to the cafeteria." shrugged the girl as she looked pointedly at the darker skinned girl and began to stroll down to the cafeteria to work on the backdrop with the green paper trailing behind her lazily, freely.

"Really?" she whined.

The small group, consisting of five girls, settled down in one corner of the mostly empty cafeteria, clunking down all the materials they transported down the hall with full arms. Two of the girls who had nothing to do with the project sat down to one section of the conjoined table and began to eat. "Shoot, Hibah! Could you do my math homework please?" asked the only Chinese girl there who had too much on her hands and too much on her shoulders to be bothered to do math homework. "They're odds so could you please just copy them from the back of the book?" she rambled on, pleading completed with a pout and shining widened eyes.

Laughing lightly, the one Muslim girl agreed, "Okay."

"Thank you !" squeaked the Chinese girl as she pressed her hands together in front of her chest, in a gesture of gratitude. Plucking a grape from one of their lunches, she spun back over to the table next to theirs with a light bounce in her step. She grabbed a piece of yellow chalk and a pair of scissors and quietly began to work.

Meanwhile, the two other girls in the group of five sat there talking. SIndhu slowly and carefully removed the dragon from the big frame of green it was previously encased on into a a free flying "American Dragon, Jake Long" type like from a fairy tale. Whilst she cut, the other girl sat there with her, chatting idly and switching from topic to topic. Eavesdropping, the Chinese girl heard something about her boyfriend and what not. Quite honestly, though the girl was kind and all, she just could not give attention to, what seemed like to her, a petty situation. She turned to concentrate on the large piece of artwork in front of her, feeling a twinge of pride for having done all the artistic work herself. A small smile lifted her lips into a soft curve as she stared at the serene face of the sleeping moon slumbering atop feathery beds of clouds.

As she took the scissors and scraped the stick of yellow sidewalk chalk idly and silently until a small mound accumulated on the paper. "Ah, napkin." she thought. Turning around she flitted over to her friends that were eating again. "Hi, napkin." she stated and with a smile plucked the napkin from the table while popping another grape into her mouth. The two just stared at her, she giggled and poked her tongue out a bit. Sighing, they shook their heads while they laughed lightly at the quirky, silly, and childish personality they had come to know and love.

Sitting back down alone at the table, the black haired girl sat in a chair with her back to the four behind her. She heard them talking in serious voices and felt a small tug in her heart that most teenagers feel often, that feeling that they were talking about her, gossiping in soft voices literally behind her back. Biting the edge of her bottom lip, she closed her eyes and breathed out softly while thinking, "They wouldn't do that to me. Even if they did though, whatever." For the who-knows-how-many-timeth, the teen brought her focus back to art. Scrunching up the napkin, the girl dabbed it in the chalk shaving pile and began to rub the color in to fill in the blank spaces the color pencil failed to. "Hey, it's like I'm putting on foundation." she thought to herself stupidly and debated whether or not to go tell the four sitting behind her. "Nah, they're still talking." She continued to gently rub the soft pastel yellow on, now quietly singing Good Luck under her breath. Somehow, as second passed second, a small feeling of loneliness began to nip at her. That was why she began to sing, to try to mute the voices talking behind her while she sat at the table in front, completely alone.

However, she kept on working diligently, careful not to spill too much of the shavings onto the black background (although she eventually did and decided to create a hazy lining around). As their voices continued, she decided to just stare off into space, imagining that she was back in time during middle school in her favorite room, the art room.

Soft sunlight floated through the windows, draping the arches of the elevated ceiling and plants scattered around in a symphony of warm honey. This was no longer the drab white rectangle room with standard lunch tables. The room was completely empty with a soft melody circulating throughout the room and her body and soul. The tables were wooden, sturdy and engraved with cuts, dents, and sporadic splatters of paint. Strewn across the room were books releasing vibes of creativity of art from their very bindings. One side of the room was lined with deep metal sinks, those too, sporting drips of paint and inside, brushes of all sorts with dried paint on not only their tips but their body as well because artists aren't as cool and sophisticated as they used to be. Nowadays, artists untie themselves from the bonds of society-acceptance through art, a blissful escape that colors the soul with a rosy blush from the joy of Life. Stepping into the two small rooms next to the body of the main room were beautiful stock rooms, so complete in every way thinkable. Every supply you could ever want could be found and used; gold leaf paper, that good clay that was always a bit too expensive to buy using lunch money, anything and everything including the aromatic smells of art; the paper, the oil pastels... anything and everything. But most of all in the what seemed as though it were magical in giving anyone who stepped in an immediate wave of relaxation and inner peace, was the outside view through the large windows and single circular window in the peculiar arches of the ceiling. The sky outside was a light and refreshing blue tinted with poofs of white clouds drifting along. Through the wall of glass windows was a courtyard littered with a ground covering of green and several bursts of color splashing life into the steady toll. Overall, the room had the aurora saying, Live the Life you Love & Love the Life you Live.

Suddenly, the girl was shaken out of her peaceful and warm reverie of a time when things were better. She gasped as a strong pair of arms wrapped warmly around her. They tightened in their embrace softly as a whisper blew quiet against her ear, "Hi." Without turning around, she smiled and leaned back into warmth that spread genuine happiness through her entire body and loneliness left without a single trace of ever marking a temporary place for itself in the girl's hear at all. She laughed lightly and lovingly then teased, "Stop smiling like such an idiot ~"

"Me?" he laughed, laughter slightly deep and extremely contagious. Finally turning around, the girl laughed eyes crinkling up in the corners, dimples in place. She looked at the boy in front of her who still had his arms around her, on the tops of her shoulders, hands warm on her back and couldn't help but smile. The smile was different from the ones she had given earlier, not just complete silliness with some cuteness thrown in. This smile was silliness with cuteness thrown in mixed all together with happiness and love and sincerity. "Just kidding," she joked, "But did you know, you have the most perfect timing?" she asked cocking her head to the side. "Thank you."

The boy looked at her and tilted his head in question, black hair brushing to the side a little. "It's nothing," she waved off happily, "Just wanted to say thanks for being amazing." By now, he had moved to sit down next to the girl.

Suddenly, he chuckled as he took the girl's face carefully in his hands and turned it to one side. "You have a yellow chalk hand print on your cheek." the boy's laugh tinkled in the air as his thumb wiped softly against her cheek. "Oh, whoops..." the girl murmured quietly as an embarrassed blush dusted across her cheeks where the boy's hands were. He simply smiled, slightly amused.

After he finished, he let go of her face and asked, "Can I help?" He pointed at the pile of chalk shaving still on the moon. She nodded and said, "I only have one napkin though. You could --" She stopped and thought, "Oh yeah, Siri and them are still here. I completely forgot." She smiled inwardly and laughed, happy. He gave her a puzzled look, asking her to explain with his eyes. "Mm, it's nothing much. Actually, before you came, I was kind of lonely cause they're already talking in groups behind me and I had to work alone. That why I said thanks too..." the girl explained as she looked at him under her lashes.

"You're adorable." he breathed, laughing silently.

The girl looked behind her to see what the group was still doing, she managed to find four pairs of eyes staring back at her own and four lips unmoving but smiling at her teasingly. Looking away, she smiled shyly and turned back around to continue working. "Thank you, again." she replied sweetly. He smiled and wrapped one arm on her waist, hugging her closer to his side. If it could even be possible, more happiness and warmth shone within the girl, making her finger tips tingle and heart warm as they finished filling in the gaps of the moon together, making it whole, complete, and one.

And with that, the warmth disappeared. The blue sky was gone, honey symphony, completeness; gone, instead replaced by the drab cafeteria walls with clean plywood tables and windows covered with sharp metal blinds of restriction.

"I'm done. Let's go back."
She stood up and began to clean the table . . . reminiscing tenderly the tingling warmth that was once by her side, so long ago.

outcome of being overtly minnie smitten today from that one picture.oh dearrrr ~
i think i'll start the 100 SJ Challenge soon. it seems fun. now.... i just need to figure out how this dang thing works.
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